Photos from 2005

Local Housing Irene's new wheelchair Baptism of Mary Magdalene Dental Treatment
Junior Football Team Physiotherapy in the Shade Leprosy Lady Arigidigi (Ugandan Violin)
Officer and Regular Bicycle Ambulance Eye Test Baby with Fractured Femurs
Leprosy Ladies Baptism Cleft Palate Goats
Grinding the Flour Football Fan Chicken for Lunch Child with Club Feet
Plantains Food Aid for Displaced Peoples Camp Local Propaganda Dental Poster on Maize Bag
Dusty Murram Roads Banana Tree Pineapple Plant Inhouse training: Kumi Hospital
Day old baby with club foot Threshing Rice How to wear your jumper Headache
Orthopaedic Workshop Lawrence with Leprosy Just for a change:the compiler and editor of the website Praying Mantis or Dictyoptera